Important factors forgotten by potential buyers

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If you are looking for a London solicitor for conveyancing, Healys has a professional, experienced, and approachable team of house purchase solicitors waiting to provide you with their services.

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As well as helping clients navigate the legal ins and outs of property purchase, we also like to offer advice on our website about the factors to be aware of when buying a new home, and other useful related information, for potential and current clients.

Factors people overlook when buying property

When viewing a home you are interested in purchasing, it is easy to get tunnel vision and only look at the building you may one-day-soon be living in.

However, it is important to remember that your potential home, like all others, has a surrounding neighbourhood, and road network – try them out.

By coming back to visit the area at different times of day throughout a week, you should get a good feel for what the locality is like, and how it changes from morning to night. Some people are surprised to find that the pleasant street they viewed around lunchtime on Tuesday, becomes quite loud and rowdy come Friday evening.

Undertaking your commute to work from your potential property is also wise. Google maps and your sat nav may give you an estimated time for the journey, but there’s nothing like getting in your car, or catching the bus or train, and doing it for real. You’ll get to see what you might be in for every morning and evening, and how long it will actually take you to get from your front door, to your place of work.

If you’ve noticed any unused land nearby the property, you might want to check whether anyone would be allowed to build residential or commercial buildings on it. It may be a nice addition to the area currently, but if there are plans to transform it into a bowling alley in the next 12 months, this could change your mind about the neighbourhood.

Potential buyers should check what access to the house is like. As you turn up for a viewing, is it easy to get into the driveway? Is there a driveway – or have you had to park on a busy road? Remember, any problems parking at the property will still be present when you buy it.

Lastly, house exposure. Depending on what direction the prevailing wind blows in, in that area, and how much sun you would like to get in certain rooms, knowing whether your potential home faces North, South, East, or West, is important. If the lovely garden is going to be largely shaded by the property throughout the Summer – you may wish to reconsider before buying.

Contacting a London solicitor for conveyancing

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