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Healys divorce solicitors in Brighton and London are committed to ensuring that our client’s best interests are maintained and we can offer legal advice on many different areas pertaining to a financial settlement, including division of property and child maintenance agreements.

If a couple is able to reach agreement on these issues prior to the petitioner making an application for divorce it is likely that a court appearance will not be necessary. Where children are involved, we always seek to keep disputes to a minimum and encourage amicable, constructive and conciliatory solutions for agreeing divorce settlement terms.

However, if this approach is not appropriate or proves unsuccessful we will take robust action to ensure that your interests, and those of your dependants, are properly protected.

Child maintenance in divorce and separation

It is the legal responsibility of the parent who does not live with their children to help pay towards their upkeep. According to the Child Maintenance Agency child maintenance is “regular, reliable financial support that helps towards a child’s everyday living costs”.

The parent who lives with the children on a day-to-day basis should receive payments from the parent who does not live in the family home. This is the same for all parents who separate, regardless of whether they are married, civil-partnered or co-habiting and also applies whether or not the couple decides to formally end their relationship via divorce or dissolution.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) website has lots of useful tools to help separating couples decide how to best arrange child support payments, including several downloadable leaflets and forms.

Family lawyers will also be able to help separating and divorcing couples to decide how they should go about agreeing suitable child maintenance payments as part of a divorce financial settlement, and, like the CSA, most practitioners will hold that the easiest way to arrange child support is for the parents to agree amongst themselves as to how much should be paid, how often and by what method.

However, when circumstances are not conducive to amicable negotiation or when a parent defaults on an agreement, this could be the time to ask the CSA for help as it has certain means of enforcement which it can apply.

Divorce financial settlements with Healys in Brighton and London

If you need help and legal advice in negotiating a financial settlement, Healys’ divorce solicitors in Brighton and London have many years’ experience in acting for petitioners in ancillary relief claims and also in defending financial claims.

Whatever your circumstances, we will strive to ensure that your best interests, and those of your dependants, are always maintained – if necessary by means of robust litigation.

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