Garden boundary disputes

19th January 2015 by

There are many circumstances in which a home owner may seek the advice and representation of a property dispute lawyer. One such instance may be when gardens are becoming warzones instead of peaceful retreats due to disagreements regarding boundaries.

Boundary disputes

Whether the issue is related to the encroachment of trees or bushes from a neighbour’s garden into yours, or the construction of a new wall or fence has left you with a smaller section of land, Healys solicitors could help you.

Firstly, it is important to speak or write to your neighbour in an attempt to settle the disagreement amicably and without need for legal action. In some cases they may not even be aware of the issue and will simply apologise and rectify the problem. However, if this approach fails, you may wish to contact us for assistance.

There are many factors to take into account and various aspects of law to research when planning on making a boundary dispute claim.

A claim, or other actions involving your local council or relevant organisations, cannot commence if you are not in your rights to make it. The situation must be investigated thoroughly in order to ascertain whether or not your neighbour really is in the wrong.

It may seem clear cut, but the law on boundaries can become very complicated.

Contacting Healys

If you would like advice relating to garden boundary disputes, our solicitors are here to help.

With offices in Brighton and London – serving the whole of the UK – we have the experience to assist you in your border disagreement.

We can also provide advice regarding rights of way and planning disputes, as well as recovery of land from unlawful occupiers.

Please phone us today, fill in our online ‘ask a question’ form, or write to us via email or post.