Guidance on pitfalls in residential property conveyancing

19th January 2015 by

Buying or selling a house is a complex process which can be fraught with pitfalls, however, by choosing an experienced residential property conveyancing solicitor, such as those at Healy’s in Brighton and London buyers and sellers maximise their chances of experiencing a smooth, hassle-free transaction.

Healys has produced a number of articles on some of the more obscure problems and restrictions which might be discovered during a property transaction. Read on for more information on:

Boundary disputes

Click here to read all about neighbour disputes regarding disputed boundaries and how this might affect a property transaction.

Agricultural ties and related planning restrictions

Potential property buyers should be aware of planning rules which have been laid down by local authorities, especially on rural homes which may have “agricultural ties” attached. Click here for more information.

Tree preservation orders

Enforceable tree preservation orders have the potential to cause difficulty for buyers and sellers alike. Healys offers advice and guidance on the ramifications of a TPO and how it may be counteracted. Click here to find out more.

Risk of flooding

Risk of river, sea or ground water flooding can be a real problem for potential property buyers. This article offers advice on mitigating those risks and how property conveyancing solicitors can be instrumental in ensuring that the purchasers best interests are always looked after.

Healys’ residential property conveyancing team has all the experience you need

Whether you are buying a property in London, Brighton, the Home Counties or further afield, getting the right legal advice on the residential conveyancing process is invaluable.

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