Reunite, the charity for victims of international child abduction

19th January 2015 by

When parents divorce it is often the children who suffer the most emotional stress, especially if family members can’t agree who is going to look after them.

Family lawyers generally advise parents to try to solve their differences regarding arrangements for children as amicably and respectfully as possible. However, some aggrieved parents may feel their only option is to take their children away without proper consent.

Whatever mitigating circumstances the offending individual might feel apply, taking a child away from the person he or she normally resides with, without that person’s permission or official clearance, is classed as abduction and is illegal. It will be looked upon extremely unfavourably by a judge, and the police, even if the parent believes it is in the child’s best interests.

The experienced family lawyers at Healys in Brighton and London can help you if you feel your child or children are in danger either in the place at which they reside or of being abducted by an absent parent or family member.

Speak to us as soon as possible and we can help you by liaising with police and the relevant organisations to ensure your children’s welfare is maintained.

Help for the victims of international child abduction

If your child has been abducted overseas, it can be an extremely difficult task, both legally and emotionally, to get them back. By contacting experienced family law solicitors, such as those at Healys, you stand the best chance of negotiating a strong legal path to their safe return, but there are other organisations out there to offer much needed help and advice.

Reunite is a parent support network established in 1987 to help parents whose children have been taken out of the country against their will. It was formed by parents who have suffered this terrible occurrence and offers practical and impartial advice.

The telephone advice line is for the use of parents, family members and guardians of children who have been abducted or fear their child is at risk of abduction. The service also welcomes calls from parents who feel child abduction is their only chance of having contact with their child or children or who have already taken their child out of their country of residence.

All calls to the advice line are treated in the strictest confidence and reunite promises never to pass judgment on the actions or circumstances of individuals.

Reunite also offers a specialist mediation service which has been beneficial in many cases of international parental child abduction and has helped parents to resolve their issues without the need of judicial intervention.

Healys family lawyers in Brighton and London can help in children disputes

Here at Healys we understand that each case of divorce and family breakdown is unique. Whether you fear your child may be abducted by an absent parent or you are a parent who feels you are being kept unfairly from seeing your children, our specialist family lawyers will listen to your circumstances and advise you of your best course of action.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency in a crisis and our ability to liaise with all necessary bodies in these types of situations – we strive to bring immediate legal clarity to your predicament and will endeavour to bring about the most suitable legal solutions for you and your family.

For more information on the service we provide, please contact Catherine Taylor on 01273 669 124 or email for Brighton. For London please contact Jane Sanders on 020 7822 4107 or email