Assessing the need for a negligence claim

30th January 2015 by

Whether you have suffered financial loss as a private individual or as a small or medium sized business owner, if you feel that this loss is attributable to the negligent actions of a professional such as an accountant, auditor, financial adviser, tax adviser, or law firm, you may be able to make a negligence claim to ensure remedy.

Do you need to go to court?

The short answer to this question is that if you begin a negligence claim you should certainly be prepared to consider the possibility of going to court – however, courtroom litigation is by no means an inevitability as there are a whole raft of alternative dispute resolution channels which can be explored first.

Whether you have suffered financial loss because of an employment solicitor’s failure to advise correctly on TUPE regulations, lost money because of delays in making a will, have received disadvantageous tax advice, or have sustained financial loss because of the oversights of a construction or surveyor professional, it is worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of all these types of cases are settled out-of-court through either careful negotiation or alternative channels such as mediation.

Nonetheless a misunderstanding persists that proceeding with a negligence claim necessarily entails court action and the associated accumulation of costs. Although there are some cases that go to court, it is worth bearing in mind that a good professional negligence firm can provide you with, at least, a rough idea of the likelihood of a case following this path – this can be useful in getting an estimate of both the cost of a case and its likely duration, both of which are vital considerations to any claimant.

Furthermore, a good professional negligence firm can help you quickly identify the issues critical to your case and give you a realistic assessment of the likelihood of success – this means you can determine, on the balance of probability and likely cost-benefit, whether your case is worthwhile pursuing.

Healys LLP professional negligence lawyers of distinction

London and Brighton professional negligence firm Healys LLP can help you achieve full remedy and settlement in the event that the actions of a professional such as an accountant, surveyor, lawyer, or tax advisor have caused you financial loss.

We have a dedicated team of negligence claim specialists and can provide you with clear advice as well as a realistic assessment of your chances of success. Call today for more information.