Before you instruct a professional negligence lawyer

30th January 2015 by

If you feel you may have valid grounds for instructing professional negligence lawyers to commence a claim for economic loss caused by the negligent actions of a professional, there are a number of things you should consider before you commence your action.

Scale of loss

No matter how negligent the professional has been and no matter how much inconvenience it has caused, if you have suffered only minor economic loss (or indeed none at all), there may be little cost-benefit to beginning any claim. Litigation and legal processes can be time-consuming and expensive, if you have no realistic prospect of recovering a significant sum, it will not be worth your while.


Many professional organisations have an in-house complaints procedure, often with an appointed individual or department in place to deal with complaints.

Such processes can be very useful when dealing with complaints related to poor or inadequate service, personal issues, or other relatively minor matters.

However, although they should be considered a first port-of-call when dealing with complaints of negligence related to financial loss, they do not always provide satisfaction, in which case contacting a professional complaints or regulatory body may be a wise next step.

Complaints Bodies

Many professional groups have official regulatory and complaints bodies. For example, for solicitors it is the Solicitors Regulation Authority, while for architects it is the Royal Institute of British Architects of the Architects Registration Board.

Contacting these bodies, whether they have the power to order redress or not, may sometimes have the effect of producing a result, even if issues of compensation and negligence are outside of their remit.

Limitations Act

Under the terms of the Limitation Act, most professional negligence claims must be made within six years of the date of action. In all but the most exceptional of circumstances, claims falling outside of this time limit are not possible.

Healys LLP for professional negligence claims

London and Brighton professional negligence lawyers bring expertise and experience to the fore when representing claims against negligence professionals.

Where possible we favour an amicable approach using mediation or ADR. However, we are prepared to take whatever action is necessary, including litigation.

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