Healys, remedy for accountant negligence

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There are no professionals who do not owe their clients some form of duty of care – duty of care is integral to any contract, whether expressed or implied, between a paying customer and a qualified professional that sells its services. This fact of duty owed is as much a part of an accountant’s role as it is that of any other professional.

As such, if you have been the client of an accountant and have sustained financial loss as a result of service that fell below the standard of reasonable competency, you have every right to expect some form of remedy for that loss – contact our accountant negligence lawyers today for information about whether you have a realistic prospect of obtaining compensation.

When accountant’s get it wrong

There are various instances where a court might consider it fit to order the payment of compensation for monetary loss caused by accountant negligence. These include the following:

  • A failure to adequately advise of important tax implications
  • Poor investment advice
  • Poor tax advice
  • Inaccurate tax returns
  • Failure to meet an important deadline
  • Advice to use, create, or utilise an illegal practice
  • Inaccurate valuation of assets or business relationships
  • Misleading service or conflict of interest

Healys professional negligence lawyers

If you have been provided with a service by your accountant, investment advisor, or other financial professional, that has failed to meet the standards that would reasonably be expected (as determined by a panel of the professional’s peers), you might be able to claim compensation.

In order to commence a claim, our team will need information about the name of your accountant, the instructions it received from you, when the alleged negligence occurred, and the nature of the alleged negligence. Crucially, you must also be able to quantify the value of the loss you have sustained as a result of the accountant’s negligence.

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