Electrician professional negligence

31st January 2015 by

The job of an electrician requires a great deal of training and professional knowledge and expertise. This is because of the risk of danger, not only to the personal safety of those who use an electrically wired house or commercial premises, but also because of the fire hazard inherent in a bad wiring job.

In the event that substandard or negligent electrical work leads to you sustaining financial loss, the team at Healys can help you proceed with an electrician professional negligence claim.

Electrician liability insurance

Electricians are responsible for any accident, damage or financial loss caused by the work they perform.

As such, if poor wiring or a failure to follow safe and competent working practice lead to injury, property damage or financial loss, any person affected may be able to make an electrician professional negligence claim.

For example, in 2009 a company in London successfully claimed compensation as a result of faulty electrical work which caused a fire in a commercial premises.

In order to provide indemnity against this type of incident, all electricians are required to have professional indemnity insurance in place. This way any compensation costs stemming from faulty or negligent work can be provided for.

Healys professional negligence solicitors

Healys solicitors in London and Brighton specialise in professional negligence claims against electricians , electrical engineers, builders and other professionals.

We bring clarity and conviction to the litigation process to ensure that your best interests are advanced along the way.

Although we fight robustly where appropriate, we are skilled at obtaining early settlement without making recourse to the courts.

For more information about how we can help you secure your rights and interests contact our professional negligence lawyers today.