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The incidence of scaffolding professional negligence is reflected in the cost of liability insurance premiums most scaffolding firms are required to pay.

Although these premiums may account for a considerable proportion of a scaffolding firms’ expenses they are a necessary part of ensuring cover in the event of a professional negligence claim, whether it is made by a client, a sub-contractor or indeed any adversely affected member of the public.

However, by following a few simple steps, clients can minimize the risk of being affected by negligent scaffolding work.

Hiring the right scaffolding firm

Some scaffold hire companies combine the hire of scaffolding with specialist scaffolding erection services – however, in other cases it may be necessary to separately contract a qualified builder or scaffolding professional to do this.

It is possible that your local council will have a list of qualified and accredited scaffolding companies for your benefit. Avoid so-called “cowboy” firms

Ensuring a licence

All scaffolding firms should ensure that they have a licence to perform work and erect scaffolding on a particular site – failure to ensure this may constitute negligence. However, it is also the responsibility of the person contracting the work to ensure that this licence is both in place and valid for the duration of the scaffolding and building work.

Common types of scaffolding negligence

The majority of professional negligence claims against scaffolding firms are related either to the use of defective scaffolding equipment or the failure to follow correct health and safety procedure.

Although some claims relate to personal injuries, the majority are for damage to buildings and property caused by collapsed scaffold poles.

Professional negligence solicitors in Brighton and London

If a construction professional such as a scaffolding company or engineer has caused you significant financial loss or personal injury, our professional negligence solicitors may be able to help you achieve compensation.

Here at Healys LLP we aim to achieve non-contentious resolutions where possible but are prepared to fight determinedly in order to negotiate a just outcome for our clients.

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