Professional negligence and union legal services

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A great number of union members seek out legal services, whether it is because they wish to make a compensation claim following an accident or to make an employment claim related to some workplace dispute, such as an experience of discrimination, sexual harassment, or constructive dismissal.

The vast majority of unions, including UNITE, UNISON, the NUT, and the RMT, provide legal services and legal advice to their members, whether through the head offices, their regional offices, or their working partnerships with particular firms.

However, as with all professional providers of legal advice and legal services, union-sourced legal representatives have a duty of care to clients who, after all, place their trust in the representative in the hope of having their best interests both advanced and protected.

All types of legal action, whether a personal injury claim made through the courts or a claim made through an employment tribunal are subject to strict procedural rules and time limits.

In the event that a solicitor or union legal worker fails to adhere to these time limits, does not meet procedural rules, or fails to submit the required documentation, it may be deemed that duty of care has been breached. If financial loss can be directly attributed to this breach, it may be possible for the client to claim compensation.

Another common reason for union-related professional negligence claims is the undervaluing and under-settlement of claims. In these types of cases, compensation may be sought if it can be proven that the legal advisor or solicitor pressured or advised the client to settle a claim for below.

Professional negligence lawyers will only ever undertake a case if there is cost-benefit to the client – as such, if you have suffered negligence but this has caused you only inconvenience or minor financial loss, there is little benefit to pursuing a claim. It is only in cases of significant financial loss that there is any imperative to legal action.

Professional negligence solicitors Healys LLP

If a legal professional such as a solicitor, lawyer, barrister, or union representative has provided you with substandard or negligent legal representation which has then caused you financial loss, it may be in your interests to pursue a claim for professional negligence.

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