Divorce basics for help and guidance

7th March 2015 by


Divorce and separation can be a daunting prospect, but the team of Brighton divorce lawyers at Healys can help.

We have many years’ experience in helping clients to resolve the difficult issues arising from family and relationship breakdown, and we have handled all types of dispute from international child abduction to disputed financial settlements involving overseas property and businesses.

We can also advise and act on your behalf if your divorce is likely to be straightforward and without complication because at a time of great emotional stress it is easy to overlook something which may become important at a later date. Our team of family lawyers will listen sensitively to your particular circumstances and advise on how we feel you should proceed to protect your best interests and those of your dependents.

As members of Resolution we believe that all divorce cases should be handled in as conciliatory a manner as possible, but when a situation calls for it we believe in using robust methods, including litigation, to resolve disputes and conflict. We always strive toensure our clients are protected.

If you are in the early stages of divorce or separation, you may just want information regarding how to choose a good divorce solicitor or how to make a start on your divorce petition – Healys has produced a number of useful articles, featured below, which look at divorce procedure and what happens during divorce.

For more information on the service we provide, please contact Catherine Taylor on 01273 669 124 or email catherine.taylor@healys.com for Brighton. For London please contact Jane Sanders on 020 7822 4107 or email jane.sanders@healys.com.