How to choose a divorce solicitor

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Wherever you are in the UK you have the right to choose the family law practice which suits you best, and with the advances in Information Technology and instant communication systems it is possible to instruct a divorce solicitor in Brighton to represent you when you live in Liverpool, if you so wish.

Yet, wherever your divorce solicitors are based, it is important to choose a team of professionals which you feel comfortable with and which you believe will seek your best interests at all times.

So, how do you find such a law team?

Choosing the right divorce solicitor

    • Recommendation – If you know someone who has used a particular team of family lawyers and they were happy with the service received, then this is a good sign. But you should always be aware that each divorce is unique and your experience may be very different.


    • Membership and accreditation – If a divorce solicitor is a member of Resolution they will have signed up to a Code of Practice which promotes non-confrontational methods to agree a divorce, always with the best interests of children at the forefront of any negotiations.  A law firm with the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation will be a practice which meets the highest management and customer care standards.


    • Experience – Like most walks of life, the longer a person has been working at a career, the better they are likely to be at it, and most law firms will carry staff profiles which detail a divorce solicitor’s expertise, and accreditations. If in doubt, you should ask whether your lawyer has experience in any field which might be relevant. Examples of specialist fields include international divorce, high-value divorce and divorce where there is a risk or threat of international child abduction.


  • Face-to-face – Most practices will offer a free or fixed-fee initial consultation, usually around 30 minutes, where you can meet your prospective lawyer to discuss your situation. While it is important to feel a connection with the divorce solicitor, it is a good thing to keep in mind that lawyers are not councillors and while they should listen sensitively they are not going to offer you relationship guidance.Divorce solicitors should be prepared to answer pertinent questions relating to the length of time the divorce proceedings will be likely to take and how much, approximately, it is going to cost. Good solicitors will want to see certain documents such as any letters you may have received from your spouse’s legal team, your marriage certificate and, if you decide to instruct the solicitor there and then, they will need to see evidence of your identity, a photo document and separate recent evidence of address.

Ultimately it’s a good idea to meet with a selection of divorce solicitors before making a final choice, as, just as each divorce is different, so every divorce solicitor is unique also.

Healys’ divorce solicitors in Brighton – solicitors for you
Every member Healys’ family law team is a member of Resolution and we also have members of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel.

In line with the ethos of Resolution, whenever possible we will approach family disputes on an amicable, constructive and conciliatory basis, ensuring that your interests and those of your family come first. However, if this approach is not appropriate or proves unsuccessful we believe in taking robust action to ensure that your interests are properly protected.

As a full service firm we have the benefit of being able to draw on the considerable skills and expertise of our colleagues in other departments on complex issues arising out of family breakdown. This ensures that we can provide you with full and comprehensive advice.

Whatever your issue, you can rely on us to deal with your case sympathetically, efficiently and always in confidence.

For more information on the service we provide, please contact Catherine Taylor on 01273 669 124 or email for Brighton. For London please contact Jane Sanders on 020 7822 4107 or email