Adoption reform – cutting delays in the adoption process

8th March 2015 by


In 2013 figures were released by the Department for Education showing a 20-year high in the number of children adopted from care in the UK.

The Children and Families Bill 2013 had sought major changes to the legislation surrounding adoption proceedings with the Coalition Government wanting more children to be adopted by loving stable households with less delay.

Solicitors for adoption, such as the family law team at Healys LLP in London and Brighton, have followed the progress of the bill with much interest and hope that the adoption figures show efficacy of the reforms.

Adoption process reforms

The 2013 reforms were introduced to tackle the associated delays in the adoption process. The main implementations were:

  • A two-stage approval process to see prospective adopters accepted within six months;
  • The legal obligation of adoption agencies to refer prospective adoptive parents to the Adoption Register within three months of their approval;
  • The duty to ensure that information on prospective adoptee children is kept up to date as well as the referral of children within three months of any adoption decision;

The Government’s policy paper, Further action on adoption: finding more loving homes, can be accessed here. It sets out the proposals for tackling delay in the adoption process and includes the proposed improvements which would see greater support of adoptive families.

Healys’ solicitors for adoption and legal representation in adoption proceedings

The family lawyers at Healys LLP in London and Brighton can offer astute legal advice and representation during the legal proceedings involved in adoption.

Any adoption process can be complex, particularly in inter-country adoption, so it pays to have the best representation available.

Our solicitors for adoption never lose sight of the main issue at the heart of adoption proceedings and that is the welfare of the prospective adoptee child.

We will do our utmost to ensure that all legal matters are handled in the most timely fashion, and in a cost-effective manner to ensure that the day of adoption, the final hearing, can be a day of joy and celebration for everyone involved.

To talk to a solicitor today, please call either of our family law teams in our London or Brighton offices. We will be happy to offer no-obligation, initial advice and explain the basic processes of adoption proceedings in the UK.