Can you afford to get divorced? Yes, you can!

8th March 2015 by


As legal aid ends for all but those whose divorce involves proven domestic violence, many pundits have asked whether separating spouses do actually need to call upon a divorce solicitor to intervene in their split.

While some parties, perhaps those with little in the way of marital property or those who have amicably arranged the arrangements for their children, may be able to walk away from their marriage with little or no argument over who gets what, a large proportion of the typical 120,000 couples who divorce annually really should seek some form of legal advice.

The actual completion of the divorce application is not too onerous and the dissolution of a marriage can, in most cases, be fairly straightforward. However, the agreeing of a financial settlement needs careful thought and, usually, legal advice from an experienced divorce solicitor.

As legal aid for divorce cases is withdrawn family lawyers are concerned that some vulnerable spouses may be cajoled, or even bullied, into divorce settlements which leave them disadvantaged and cannot be undone at a later date. When it comes to agreeing the division of major assets such as valuable matrimonial property, the family home for instance, most couples will at least need the advice of a solicitor to ensure that fairness has been achieved, especially in property transfers and pension sharing.

Yet, many representations of divorce suggest it will be always be costly to engage a solicitor and so spouses, especially those of nominal means, are reluctant to seek the correct legal advice.

Cost-effective divorce settlements at Healys in London and Brighton

Here at Healys, we pride ourselves on giving value for money as well as top-notch legal advice. We believe that our clients should always be in control of divorce costs and are happy to talk about how we can help in mitigating the eventualities which cause protracted divorce proceedings.

We recommend that spouses attempt to agree as much as possible regarding children arrangements and division of property between themselves and then we will be able to ensure that any agreement is fair and protects our client’s best interests.

Where a divorce dispute seems irreparable, we can arrange independent mediation to help mitigate costs.

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If you need legal advice regarding your financial settlement claim or just wish to consult a divorce solicitor to find out how they could help you, why not call the team at Healys today. We have offices in London and Brighton and are here to help.

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