Christmas – a time for togetherness and communication

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Healys’ Brighton family lawyers have years of experience in helping clients through divorce proceedings, financial claims and disputes over children arrangements.

We believe in listening to a client’s personal circumstances and offering knowledgeable advice which will enable each one to make his or her own decisions about their best course of action.

Our divorce solicitors and family lawyers are all members of Resolution and wholeheartedly believe that, wherever possible, family law disputes should be negotiated with respect and in as non-confrontational a manner as possible.

However, where other parties to a divorce dispute do not commit to this ethos, by not fully disclosing their circumstances or by submitting unreasonable demands to the negotiations perhaps, we are fully prepared to use robust litigation procedures to always protect the best interests of our clients and their dependents.

Healys family law team has, over the years, been able to assist many clients through the very difficult time of a family split and we believe that our advice is amongst the best in the UK for people experiencing divorce, civil-partnership dissolution or relationship breakdown, but there are some aspects of such circumstances that divorce lawyers cannot help with.

Christmas, in particular, can be very difficult for divorcing couples who have children, and anyone who is going through family breakdown will be well aware of the stress that this time of year can put on an already tenuous and strained relationship.

Christmas for divorcing couples with children

Forward planning is key to getting through the festive period when a couple is undergoing a relationship split. The sooner that plans can be agreed by the parents about where and when each of them will spend time with the children over Christmas, the better.

If appropriate, discuss the plans with children so that they are fully aware of what is going to happen at Christmas and they can be assured that they will be able to see both parents over the holidays.

Some parents may try, especially for the first Christmas after a split, to spend the big day as normally as possible, with presents and dinner in the usual way, and this can work, with effort, but may only serve to lead children into thinking that this will be the norm. Conversely, it can end up being very difficult and children may be upset if parents argue or seem to be angry.

If children are to be away from one or other parent over Christmas, then reassurance is key. Parents should try, wherever possible, to be contactable when away from their children and to reassure them that they will be having fun. Children can easily feel guilty when away from a parent, so letting them know that everyone will be fine will hopefully help them enjoy their time, wherever they may be.

If possible, communicate with a spouse about Christmas presents and meals – divorcing couples may well make mistakes over duplicating gifts and food, leading to tension and upset which could have been avoided.

Brighton family lawyers say communication is key

So, if you are undergoing divorce at Christmas we suggest that strong channels of communication work best to avoid upsetting times for children and maybe some putting on of brave faces may be required as well.

In fact, good communication is important in all aspects of divorce proceedings and the family law team at Healys pride ourselves on our ability to effectively connect with clients and to help them through the, sometimes, complex nature of relationship breakdown.

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