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The legalities of a divorce petition are fairly straightforward – if a couple fulfils one of five facts which represent grounds for divorce, a court will order the dissolution of the marriage or civil-partnership. Both parties will then be released from their legal responsibility to their former spouse and free to remarry.

Most stress and complication arising from divorce emanates from the ensuing financial settlement claim and making arrangements for children. As divorce solicitors in London and Brighton the family law team at Healys LLP has many years’ experience in representing clients who are undergoing the most complex divorces and it is our aim to help guide them through the whole process with calmness and attention to detail which can help ease the difficulty of the whole situation.

Coping with the emotional fallout of divorce

When a marriage, civil-partnership or significant relationship ends, there is so much more to deal with than just the nitty-gritty of the legal matters. While spouses have to attempt to sort out finances and arrangements for children, they will also have to cope with massive change, intense and contrasting feelings, and uncertainty about the future.

Couples experiencing relationship breakdown may be affected by feelings of loss and grief, which sit ambivalently with feelings of relief and happiness. Some people will turn to friends and relatives to help them through these unsettling feelings, but, when a divorcee is finding it hard to talk to others, they may find it useful to go to a counsellor or a GP who can help them work their way through the emotional side of divorce.

Luckily, the internet and most bookshops hold a variety of websites and self-help books which can offer advice to anyone coping with being alone after divorce, and, while not everyone will take comfort in the words of a stranger, sometimes it is good to know that others are trying to understand what you are going through.

Healys divorce solicitors in London and Brighton understand the stress of breakups

While a divorce solicitor can help with the legal issues of divorce and any financial claim, legal professionals can only do so much to help smooth the emotional path for their clients.

Healys family law team fully appreciates the feelings of grief and loss when a longstanding relationship ends and always offer clients the time and space to explain their circumstances fully.

We recognise that each case is unique and that each client will require our full focus and attention. To speak to a divorce solicitor in London or Brighton, please call our offices today for a no-obligation discussion about your circumstances.