Domestic violence – help is at hand

8th March 2015 by


In June 2013 a survey on the reasons behind relationship breakdown and divorce revealed that 14 per cent of respondents felt “abusive behaviour” had been causal in their breakup. This equates to more than one in ten relationships being affected by domestic violence and abuse.

At the same time shocking figures were publicised by Women’s Aid, a UK charity supporting women and children’s rights, that two women a week are killed by current or former partners and that an incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute of every day.

According to the charity, 32 per cent of women will be attacked four or more times in their lifetime and yet, the conviction rate against abusers stays disturbingly low – only 4 percent of reported domestic violence incidents result in criminal conviction.

Many women do not know who to turn to in matters of domestic violence – they may feel unable to approach the police or feel their concerns will not be listened to – but it may be possible for a solicitor for domestic violence to help a victim through injunctions granted by the civil courts.

How Healys can help

At Healys LLP we have a dedicated team of family lawyers who can help victims of domestic violence, harassment and abuse.

While domestic violence is criminal assault, it is possible to bring a civil claim against an abuser to obtain a court order or injunction against the perpetrator under the Family Law Act 1996.

Our solicitors could help you seek a non-molestation order which will prevent the abuser from threatening you or using violence against you and/or your children. Or you may wish to seek an occupation order which will prevent an abuser from entering, or living in, your home and the surrounding area.

Victims of domestic violence are able to apply for legal aid in divorce claims.

Speak to a solicitor for domestic violence today

If you are suffering any type of domestic abuse, the family law team at Healys is here to help. We will listen sensitively to your circumstances and then advise you as to how best protect yourself and your dependents.

We have direct access to a number of legal services and agencies who can help whenever necessary and can help you seek advice from many organisations who are dedicated to the protection of victims of violence and abuse.

For more information and guidance please call our family law teams in either our London or Brighton offices. We are here to listen and to help.