Don’t let lack of legal aid mean financial loss in divorce settlement

8th March 2015 by


Since the withdrawal of legal aid funding for the majority of divorce financial order claims, a large number of parties to divorce have attempted to “go it alone” in their divorce settlements to avoid legal fees.

However, this “do it yourself” approach could see some parties, typically the wife or the lowest earner, losing out and being left in a financially vulnerable position. It may also be the case that fear of the costs associated with protracted and acrimonious divorce will mean children lose out as well.

Fears are growing that parties with no independent wealth are being forced into early acceptance of discriminatory settlements which leave them vulnerable, whilst also being left unable to vary the terms.

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Spend money to keep money

Sometimes we have to spend a little time and effort to get the best deals in life, and this is as true for divorce financial settlements as it is for anything else in life.

Entering into negotiations regarding a financial settlement can be scary if you have no money or income of your own to pay for legal representation, but without a divorce solicitor to advise you, you could end up losing out on what is rightfully yours from the family financial pot.

This so-called “pot” includes the value of the marital home, the value of pension contributions your spouse has made during the lifetime of your marriage, and any items of financial value which have been accrued and were intended to benefit the family.

It is crucial that divorcing spouses seek legal advice to help them ascertain the true value of their pot and to see how much they are entitled to. Most solicitors can also help to arrange mediation for divorcing couples. This is another method to help spouses seek clarity and fairness in their settlement without the need for a court hearing.

Lower income families can obtain legal aid for help with mediation costs and this can go a long way to keeping all fees down.

Healys divorce solicitors – ensuring fairness for you on divorce

The main benefit of having a divorce solicitor’s representation is the expert knowledge of family law they possess and this is essential in ensuring divorcing spouses get everything they are entitled to in a divorce settlement.

Our team of divorce solicitors in London and Brighton has many years’ experience in bringing and defending divorce financial claims and we work with clients all over the country.

We believe our clients should always be in control of costs and advise, at the outset, on estimated costs and likelihood of success.

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