Emotional effects of divorce and children’s progress

8th March 2015 by


Whether you are seeking a Brighton or a London divorce solicitor, a financial settlement lawyer in London or a civil partnership dissolution specialist elsewhere in the UK, if the time has come to commence divorce or dissolution proceedings you will want to find the best advice possible.

While family law practitioners can offer advice, guidance and representation during any legal action required as a result of relationship breakdown, the emotional effects of family breakdown can be far-reaching and especially difficult for children.

Children in divorce
In June 2011 details of a study were reported in the American Sociological Review following research by a PHD student at the University of Wisconsin. The researcher claimed to have found evidence suggesting that children of divorced, and divorcing, parents were more likely to fall behind in certain academic subjects, and were less able to cope with social activities than their peers who were still living with two parents.

The study reportedly showed that of the 3,500-strong cohort of six to nine-year-olds examined, the 142 children whose parents were recently divorced or undertaking divorce fell behind in maths and that the development of their social skills was curtailed. Further, it would take at least two years for the children to catch up with their fellow pupils.

Yet, according to the research, reading ability was apparently unaffected by divorce and, although the researcher offered reasoning as to why certain abilities and skills suffered, he did not provide interpretation for the children’s ability to maintain their reading standards.

Divorce solicitors advise that calm behaviour during divorce can help
Many family law practitioners and child experts believe that children of parents who are undergoing a divorce do not have to suffer unnecessarily if the procedure is conducted without undue hostility being displayed and where communication between the parties is respectful, effective and forthcoming. However, family breakdown is undoubtedly emotionally hard to bear for all involved and the first step in achieving a divorce with as little emotional upheaval as possible is to get expert legal advice at the very first instance.

Healys’ divorce lawyers are members of Resolution and, in line with the organisation’s overriding ethos, whenever possible, will approach family disputes on an amicable, constructive and conciliatory basis, ensuring that your interests and those of your family come first.

However, if this approach is not appropriate or proves unsuccessful we will take forthright action to ensuring your interests and those of your children are protected.

As a full service firm we have the benefit of being able to draw on the considerable skills and expertise of our colleagues in other departments on complex issues arising out of family breakdown such as complex finances involving business and off-shore assets. This ensures that we can provide you with comprehensive practical advice.

Whether you require a Brighton divorce solicitor or a civil-partnership dissolution practitioner in London, Healys’ team will handle your case sympathetically, efficiently and always in confidence.

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