Family lawyers for dispute resolution

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The family lawyers at Healys LLP have the experience and unique sensitivity necessary to assist with all manner of disputed and contentious trust and probate issues.

As one of the leading full-service legal firms in Brighton and London, we have been serving clients all over the South of England for many years.

Family lawyers and wills, estate and probate lawyers

Our family lawyers work in partnership with our trust, probate and wills specialists to ensure that the law works to the best possible advantage of every Healys’ client.

We understand that wills, probate and inheritance disputes are sensitive matters at the best of times and our knowledge and experience of dealing with this highly specialised area means that we are able to bring unique advantage to the client’s interests. Our particular understanding of family law and wills and probate matters means that we can act objectively and decisively while retaining as much empathy and tact as required.

We can help with:

  • Trustee disputes
  • Cohabitee property disputes
  • Testamentary capacity wills claims
  • Family property disputes
  • Inheritance rights following death
  • Divorce and separation related inheritance claims
  • Disputed wills claims

Healys LLP, family law specialists

Whether you are looking for amicable divorce or separation ending in fair and reasonable financial settlement or are looking for reliable and authoritative guidance regarding a pre- or post- nuptial agreement, the partners at Healys LLP can help you.

We can also bring our experience to benefit parties needing clarity and assurance regarding child contact and residence orders as well as to individuals or families in the difficult position of needing to take out an injunction to protect against domestic violence or harassment.

Healys LLP in Brighton and London

Healys is experienced in all matters of family law including financial claims, civil partnership dissolution and disputed wills claims.

We listen and take care to assess the unique situation of every individual client and provide straightforward and jargon-free legal advice to advance the interests and legal rights of the client.

Although we always seek to provide an amicable resolution, Healys LLP family lawyers are willing to take whatever action is necessary to ensure a favourable outcome.

Contact us in Brighton or London today for advice, in confidence.