Family matters in Brighton, Healys’ divorce lawyers are here to help

8th March 2015 by


Sometimes, when family relationships are in trouble and you need legal help, you want to be able to talk to someone who you feel is really there for you. Healys team of divorce lawyers in Brighton can be there to advise and represent you through some of the most difficult and sensitive legal matters. Our many years of experience in this field mean we are perfectly positioned to advise you.

Healys divorce lawyers in Brighton

Getting a divorce can be a very difficult time emotionally and the stress of a disputed financial claim or arguments about children arrangements can take their toll. But, here at Healys, we can help.

Our offices are sited just a stone’s throw away from Brighton’s County Court and family centre, so we are on hand to ensure a quick response in matters of timeliness. This can be extremely important in issues such as child abduction and domestic violence.

What’s more, we are here to speak to you face-to-face and to offer our support during the most difficult times at a central location in Brighton.

We have a number of contacts in the local area, such as divorce mediators, counselling services and we can offer signposts to many groups and agencies, including those for single-parent families and victims of domestic violence, for example.

Divorce lawyers should do more than just litigate

Here at Healys we believe one of primary roles is to listen to your concerns and only then to offer legal advice. We understand that no two divorces are the same and so, we believe in offering bespoke case handling for all our clients.

While we can’t counsel you on relationship issues, we can offer expert help with the problems you will encounter as you traverse the legal path to divorce and financial settlement. We can help take the strain by ensuring your case is handled in a timely and efficient manner and we will help you prepare fully for any court appearances you may be required to make.

For more information about getting divorced in Brighton, please call the family law team at Healys today. To find out more about our family law and divorce services in Brighton please click here.