Getting a divorce? Who will design the dress?

8th March 2015 by


We have commented before on how divorce is becoming more acceptable in modern society and how many young people do not see it as a social stigma if their relationship fails. We have also reported on the rise of prenuptial agreements, as a prudent measure in the protection of wealth and assets should the worst happen.

However, Healys divorce solicitors in London and Brighton have not commented too much on the rise of divorce as a social event. We’ve heard about divorce parties and even divorce gift lists, but in May 2013 a new trend hit the headlines – the divorce dress.

Divorce in the eyes of a 15-year-old

Demi Barnes had been contemplating her GCSE Art coursework when she hit upon the idea of creating an “ironic” wedding dress which would illustrate how she viewed many young people’s marriages, i.e. young people who rush into marriage and then end up getting a divorce.

Miss Barnes said she took inspiration from the types of dresses showcased on the TV show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, using “princess tales” and the notion of happy-ever-afters as her inspiration. She originally wanted to use magazines as her recycled material of choice, but felt the pages carried no meaning, so, in an ironic twist, decided to use the divorce papers.

The young designer took divorce forms downloaded from the internet and printed them over and over to use as the base material for her creation. The dress is reminiscent of the elaborate and ornate gowns, often costing thousands of pounds, which many young brides favour for their big day.

Incorporating a strapless bodice and wire-framed skirt and train, Miss Barnes used more than a thousand copies of the divorce papers to make an extravagantly textured gown. Reminiscent of the iconic silhouette made popular by Diana, Princess of Wales, and often seen as a young girl’s fantasy of the perfect wedding dress, the paper artwork is said to be the talk of Miss Barnes’ school and now, the internet.

Once pictures of the dress gained popularity via social media, the schoolgirl was inundated with interest from all over the world and, as the fashion industry pricked up its ears to the idea, her hopes of one day becoming a clothes designer took a step closer to fruition.

How Healys’ divorce solicitors in London and Brighton can help

While we understand you probably won’t need our help in choosing an outfit for your divorce, our expert legal advice can be invaluable for those involved in negotiations regarding a financial settlement claim and other situations arising from relationship breakdown.

Healys’ family law solicitors in London and Brighton are highly experienced in all aspects of divorce law and, as part of a full service legal firm, we have the benefit of being able to draw on the knowledge and legal expertise of colleagues in other departments who can offer help and advice on the manifold and complex issues which are inherent in divorce.

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