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For many families, the need to find a good solicitor will never arise and they will go through life without ever having to think about the law and how it affects them.

However, if a family dispute arises, or a divorce is imminent, then suddenly, an acute need for legal help and advice can quickly arise.

In Brighton, just like every other town and city along the South Coast, and indeed across the UK, there are a number of legal practices which will be able to help, but choosing the right family lawyer in Brighton can be a daunting prospect.

In many legal scenarios, asking for recommendations from friends and family is a good idea, however, asking your mother-in-law at the Sunday dinner table if she knows a good divorce solicitor, is probably not a good idea, and it may be that you need to be discreet.

So how do you choose a good family lawyer?

First, you should check a lawyer’s credentials. Make sure the practice is accredited by the Law Society. A registered legal firm should have the Lexcel Practice Management Standard logo on its website.

Lexcel accreditation means that the firm’s solicitors meet the high standards of management and customer care demanded by the Law Society. The practice will undergo an annual independent assessment to ensure continued standards of excellence.

Accredited practices receive fewer complaints about their services than unregistered firms and, in the event that you are not satisfied with the legal representation you receive, the legal ombudsman will be able to investigate your complaint.

Second, you should take time to find out about the practice’s lawyers. Most legal firms have websites which contain profiles of their staff members. Potential customers can find out a lot about individual family lawyers by looking at their details and seeing what experience they have. In many cases, staff profiles will offer direct contact details and you should use these to make contact with the lawyer of your choice at a practice.

Many firms also offer initial meetings free-of-charge, so that potential clients can speak to the lawyer and explain their circumstances. In most cases, the lawyer will be able to then clarify the legal situation and offer choices of action.

It is recommended that customers see a number of practitioners before instructing a family lawyer as, just like using any professional service, different firms and lawyers will suit different clients. You should choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and who has the necessary experience to suit your case.

Healys family lawyers in Brighton are here to help

All Healys’ family law staff are members of Resolution and we also have members of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel on the team.

In line with the ethos of Resolution, we strive to approach family disputes on an amicable, constructive and conciliatory basis whenever possible, always ensuring that your interests and those of your family come first. However, if this approach is not appropriate or proves unsuccessful we will take robust action to ensure your interests are fully maintained.

As a full service firm we have the benefit of being able to draw on the considerable skills and expertise of our colleagues in other departments, such as International Law, Corporate and Commercial Law and Property Law, who can advise on the complex issues which may arise from family breakdown. This means we can provide you with full and comprehensive advice on all aspects of family law issues.

Whatever your circumstances, you can rely on us to deal with your case sympathetically, efficiently and always in confidence.

If you wish to speak to one of Healys’ family lawyers in Brighton please call 01273 685 888 or email an enquiry to family@healys.com

Or, why not click on the staff profiles included in our People section – just click through to the appropriate menu above.

Alternatively, our family law team in London can be reached on 020 7822 4000. We look forward to helping you.