It’s never too late to divorce! Family lawyers in London and Brighton can help

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A couple which decides to seek a divorce after a substantial amount of time together may find that agreeing a suitable financial settlement is complex and difficult. Healys’ experienced family lawyers in London and Brighton can help wherever the spouses are located and can offer all the necessary advice needed to facilitate the most positive outcome for their clients.

Divorcing late needn’t be undignified
Family courts usually consider any legal union between two people of more than 20 years’ duration to be a “long marriage” and, although each divorce will be assessed on its individual set of circumstances, a high level of commitment to a relationship, by both parties, should be recognised in the ensuing divorce settlement.

Young couples who divorce after a relatively short time together may often face difficult decisions over who will live with and bring up any children and this may be paramount in any decision regarding the family home, but a couple who have been together for many years will have a very different set of circumstances to deal with if the marriage or civil partnership breaks down irretrievably.

In most circumstances of a long marriage which has ended in divorce, the children will be grown up and independent, so questions of arrangements for children are likely to be nullified. However, this may leave a far more difficult decision to be made over the division of the family home.

If the value of the property, when liquidated, would be insufficient to allow both parties to the divorce to re-house themselves, some important financial decisions may have to be made. A court may make orders for lump-sum payments, transfers or sale of property and/or other assets maintenance and pension sharing orders.

Where one spouse, usually the wife, has stayed at home to maintain the family, her ability to go back into the labour market and earn a wage to support herself may be seriously lacking and a court will take this particular predicament into consideration when ruling.

Collaborative law for the late divorcers
Older couples who are divorcing may wish to avoid the necessity to go to court for their divorce financial settlement and there are many family lawyers in London, Brighton and throughout the UK who are able to conduct the divorce process using a practice known as collaborative law.

Collaborative lawyers aim to resolve their clients’ issues by using a “round-table” approach whereby all parties, including the legal practitioners, commit to resolving the divorce issues without the need to go to court and with a philosophy of respect and understanding.

Collaborative lawyers are specially trained to deal with the difficult situations arising from relationship breakdown and can help a couple focus their efforts on mutually agreeing a settlement which will be dignified and less damaging emotionally to the family as a whole.

Healys’ family lawyers in London and Brighton can help late divorcers
Healys’ specialist divorce solicitors are dedicated to resolving divorce and civil partnership dissolution disputes with respect, sensitivity and understanding, whilst striving to achieve the most positive outcome for our clients.

We approach all family issues with an amicable, constructive and conciliatory view, yet strive to ensure that our clients’ interests and those of their children come first.

The family law team at Healys are all members of Resolution and count among them a number of members of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. We also have solicitors who are specially trained and qualified in collaborative law.

If you would like to discuss your divorce financial settlement with one of Healys’ family lawyers in London or Brighton please call direct to Catherine Taylor on 01273 669 124 or e-mail on