Loyalty counts in a divorce financial settlement

8th March 2015 by


When a couple with children decides that their relationship has broken down irretrievably and their thoughts turn to divorce or civil-partnership dissolution, there are a number subjects which have to be broached, such as who will look after the children, where will they live, and what amount of child maintenance will have to be paid.

These are some of the biggest and most important issues a couple will have to finalise before a family court will grant a divorce, and certainly before any application for a divorce financial settlement will be considered. However, in instances where the couple has no children or where these issues are agreed and ratified by the court, there may be other pertinent issues for the spouses to consider.

High-value divorce financial settlement
Anyone who keeps abreast of the news and popular culture will be well-aware of the media fascination with celebrity couples and their break-ups. Tabloid journalists seem to revel in the details of who gets what in a high-value or high-profile divorce.

Reports regularly hit the papers of Mrs X receiving a lump sum of several million dollars plus the beachfront residence, valued at £1.5 million, and jewellery and paintings. Alongside the appeals made by ex-husbands who feel the £7million settlement, to an ex-wife, from their £52 million fortune is too generous.

However, as the global economy suffers long-term periods of austerity and difficulty, it is the stories of lower income families which tend to shock.

Divided loyalties in divorce
In August 2011, reports appeared in the press stating that divorcing couples, who had previously sorted out who would get the house and who would get the dog, were coming to an impasse over, of all things, loyalty points.

A family lawyer went on record to say that generous accruals of Tesco Clubcard points or Air Miles actually had the power to be “deal breakers” and could cause delays in an otherwise agreed settlement.

Loyalty points, be they for frequent flying or store purchases, can be collected over several years and, as such, may eventually have a significant financial value attached – a continental holiday perhaps, the cost of annual car breakdown cover and much more besides – so, in these times where anything which has a tangible value is to be ticketed and totted up in a financial settlement on divorce it is unsurprising that this seemingly mundane perk, is now contested as hot property.

It has, for a long time, been somewhat of a standing joke for divorcing couples to seek guidance from their family lawyer on “who get’s the dog”, but, in recession-hit times, the comedy headline may well read “Who gets the Nectar points?”

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