Official guidance for international surrogacy agreements

8th March 2015 by


As more and more couples choose international surrogacy as a means to build a family in the UK the complex nature of the legal process is causing emotional distress and complications for many.

In a bid to protect parents and children, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) encourages all potential parents wishing to enter into a surrogacy agreement to seek legal advice from family lawyers.

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The Importance of family lawyers in international surrogacy agreements

As an increasing number of couples headed to countries such as USA, India, Ukraine and Georgia to acquire a child through surrogacy, the FCO published guidance for prospective parents thinking about undertaking an international surrogacy agreement.

The guidance emphasises the difficulties of international surrogacy and urges couples to seek expert advice from solicitors.

A spokesperson for the FCO said that obtaining passports for children and establishing their nationality can be difficult and take a long time. Daisy Organ, Children’s Policy Advisor at the FCO, said that the guidance was intended to let parents know what to expect from the outset and to help them get the best advice possible.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson, Co-Chair of the IAML Surrogacy and ARTS Committee and Founder of The International Surrogacy Forum, stressed the importance of family lawyers for surrogacy when embarking on the process.

She said that each country has its own laws governing surrogacy and that there are a number of fundamental considerations for parents under English and Welsh family law, such as time limitations for making an application for a parental order once they bring the child home.

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