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In days gone by, people who required the services of a lawyer would go to a firm their family may have used for years, they might have asked friends and colleagues for a recommendation, or a potential client may have found a law firm by using a telephone directory. However, today’s computer-age often means that if someone needs the services of a Brighton divorce solicitor or a family lawyer in London, they are most likely to turn to the internet and search online.

Sadly, when a customer puts “divorce” or even “divorce solicitor” into their preferred search engine, there is no guarantee that the companies returned for that search will be qualified divorce solicitors or even legal firms at all.

The deregulation of certain legal services such as property conveyancing, will writing and divorce, has meant that anyone can set up shop and market themselves as able to offer such services. However, in some cases, these firms will not have liability insurance and if their legal advice and service is later found to have been negligent a customer may have few means of redress

Dangers of online divorce
Many online firms offer flat-rate services to complete a divorce petition for a petitioner and some even say they can provide a “clean break settlement” for the parties to a divorce if they have agreed a financial settlement on divorce.

However, without full legal advice from a qualified and experienced divorce solicitor, a spouse could be left disadvantaged by a hastily agreed arrangement and if their divorce and related finances were agreed using an unregulated firm they may find they have no redress or way to easily change any agreed maintenance arrangements at a later date.

Legal Ombudsman warns of unregulated legal services
In July 2011, the Legal Ombudsman of England and Wales reported that a significant number of complaints received since he took office in October 2010 were from people who had used the services of unregulated firms offering legal services. When a client has been disadvantaged due to the negligence of a qualified solicitor from a regulated firm, the Ombudsman’s office can intervene, however, the ombudsman has no jurisdiction over unregulated firms and legal service providers.

Any consumers left with unsound divorce settlement arrangements because they had used an unregulated firm to help them get a divorce would find the legal ombudsman unable to help.

Healys London and Brighton divorce solicitors – qualified, expert and fully regulated
The family law lawyers at Healys in Brighton and London are able to offer advice on a full range of family law matters and issues arising from relationship breakdown. When it comes to the finances relating to divorce, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a divorce solicitor if you are in any doubt about which financial order or orders you may require.

Our divorce solicitors are fully qualified, experienced and can offer full legal advice to ensure the best interests of clients are upheld at all times. Call Healys today to discuss any issue relating to divorce and family law &ndash: we are here to help.

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