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Getting a divorce can be an expensive business. It is an unavoidable fact that if two spouses argue over how their assets should be split, or who will look after children on a day-to-day basis, these matters can lead to protracted hearings in court and, consequentially, high costs.

Couples who can agree a financial settlement and children arrangements may be able to get a divorce relatively quickly and easily, but is going to an online divorce firm a wise course of action?

Online divorce, why is it a bad idea?

Divorce is a life-changing event which has the ability to affect not only the spouses’, but their children’s lives as well. As such it is almost always a prudent plan to seek expert advice.

If you are a couple which has only been married a short while, with relatively few joint assets, there are no children and you both agree to the divorce, then you can almost certainly fill out the divorce papers yourself and the whole thing can be completed with little or no intervention from anyone. It really isn’t a difficult task.

If the judge feels your reasons for wanting to dissolve your marriage are valid, and neither party makes a claim for a financial order, then your divorce could be ratified quickly and without fuss.

However, if you have substantial assets, you have been married for a significant amount of time and you have children, then it will always be wise to seek the advice of solicitors specialising in family law.

Many online divorce firms have two levels of service – a basic plan which would be suitable for those people who agree their divorce plans, and a supervised service which is overseen by a case manager or, in some instances, a solicitor.

However, these services rarely give advice on what is the best course of action for a spouse who is in disagreement with their husband or wife and, once finalised, any court ruling garnered through an online divorce firm may be difficult or impossible to vary or reverse should either spouses’ circumstances change.

Face-to-face legal advice from the specialists

Even if you are determined not to go to court and you want the divorce negotiations to be as amicable as possible, it is almost always a good idea to seek advice from a specialist divorce solicitor. Once you have instructed a family lawyer, they can act for you and help you negotiate a financial settlement which will protect your best interests.

An experienced divorce solicitor will know and understand family court case law and will be able to ensure that you request all you are entitled to when putting your financial claim before a court.

If you can agree a settlement, you may not have to go to court, and, as long as the judge agrees that it is fair and reflects case law so as not to disadvantage any interested parties, the financial claim can be ratified and put in place as swiftly as possible.

Do you want to talk to a solicitor specialising in family law?

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