Statistics and trends for civil partnership agreements

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Civil partnership agreements in Brighton, London and throughout the UK have been legal since December 2005 and with the news that from April 6th 2011, same-sex couples in the Isle of Man will benefit from a change in Manx law which will allow them to undertake such agreements, it may be interesting to look at certain Office for National Statistics figures published in February 2011.

Civil partnership agreements falling
In 2009, throughout the UK, 6,281 civil partnerships were registered. Of those 3,227 were to male couples and 3,054 were to female couples. This represented a 12 per cent fall in registrations from 2008.

English civil partnerships fell by 13 per cent, as did Welsh registrations (5,443 and 244 respectively). In Scotland civil partnership uptake fell to 498 – a 5.1 per cent reduction from 2008. However, in Northern Ireland the number of same-sex couples who became legally joined increased by 12 per cent – 96 civil partnership registrations took place in 2009.

The national figures represent an overall continued decline in the uptake of civil partnership agreements from their peak in 2006 when around 16,000 gay couples registered in the UK.

However, the number of heterosexual marriages has also fallen steadily since the most recent peak in 2004, and some divorce and civil partnership experts believe that the economic climate of these years has forced both gay and straight people to rethink the implications of undertaking a union. Some experts say that people just can’t afford to get married or civil-partnered.

Civil partnership dissolution
Just as it is for heterosexual couples seeking divorce, civil partnered couples must wait 12 months from the date of their registration as a couple before they can seek to dissolve the agreement.

In the UK in 2009, there were 351 civil partnership dissolutions granted. This figure represents a significant increase from the 180 dissolutions recorded in 2008. Male couples who dissolved their civil-partnership totalled 127, while 224 female couples had civil-partnership dissolutions granted.

This rise in dissolutions is contrary to statistics for UK heterosexual couples, as divorce numbers have fallen continually since the most recent peak in 1993 – from 165,018 to 113,949 in 2009.

Legal advice on civil partnership matters
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