The £2.6 billion divorce settlement

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In May 2014 the Guardian reported on what may have been the largest divorce financial settlement ever recorded.

As London and Brighton divorce lawyers who deal with high-value and complex divorces for clients who wish to ensure their best interests are protected, we have reported on other famous, or is that infamous, divorce settlements including Boris and Galina Berezovsky and the landmark prenuptial agreement ruling for Katrina Radmacher and Nicolas Granatino.

And the divorce settlement of Rybolovlev V Rybolovlev will, at least for a while, be recorded as the highest-ever award made by a court, with the former Mrs Rybolovlev being awarded £2.6 billion.

Russian divorcees seek settlement in Switzerland

Dimitri Rybolovlev met his wife-to-be, Elena, when they were both students in Perm. They married in 1987, while he was still undertaking studies, and their first daughter was born in 1989.

The oligarch made his fortune “on the back of Soviet industries”, but had originally trained to be a cardiologist. He is described as a businessman, investor, philanthropist and owner of AS Monaco Football Club.

The divorce, heard in Geneva, made headlines because the vast sum awarded to the billionaire’s ex-wife has been decided by a court, whereas other record-breaking settlements, such as that of the Berezovskys, had been agreed upon in secret negotiations.

Ms Rybolovlev’s divorce lawyer said, “Compared to cases like [London-based oligarch Boris] Berezovsky, the advantage is that it’s an official judgment, not something sneaky behind the scenes.”

The divorce case took six years to reach the court judgement stage, but, despite “strong resistance by Dimitri and his team of divorce lawyers, reports suggest that Elena got “exactly” the settlement sum she had sought.

While the eldest daughter was an adult by the time the divorce went to court, the couple’s second daughter was still a minor and Elena was granted custody of the 13-year-old.

The divorce settlement includes property, valuable items of jewellery and antique furniture.

Dimitri Rybolovlev quickly appealed against the decision.

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