Getting divorce right

10th March 2015 by


Divorce is a complex business and many spouses will rely heavily on their family lawyer to give them the best advice when seeking a court order for children arrangements or a financial claim.

If you are not happy with the advice and/or service being provided by your divorce solicitor you have the right to change and to seek compensation for professional negligence.

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Key issues for family lawyers and their clients

When a divorce solicitor takes on a case they are offering their client a duty of care. However, in divorce, the same as in any legal proceedings, there are numerous pitfalls which should be avoided.

If a family lawyer is negligent or does not have the right experience to handle a case, it can cause significant loss to the client. Some of the major issues a divorce solicitor should be addressing, and which can lead to a negligence claim if not properly managed, are:

Are you unhappy with your divorce solicitor?

Talk to the Healys’ team of family lawyers in London and Brighton if you are unhappy with the service you are receiving from your divorce solicitor.

While we always advocate that you start any complaint by talking to your current legal practitioner – so that they may attempt to sort out the problem – if you are still unhappy, we could help by taking over the case and organising a claim for professional negligence.

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  • Problems of disclosure – ensuring all relevant financial information is gathered and processed from the client and the client’s spouse.
  • Adequate valuation of assets and client’s potential rightful share.
  • Avoidance of disposition orders – orders preventing a party from disposing of property and assets
  • Pension valuations and pension sharing orders in financial claims on divorce.
  • Under-settlement issues.
  • Consent orders – drafting issues and ambiguities which can lead to problems post hearing.