Getting the best divorce in London

10th March 2015 by

Choosing a divorce lawyer in London is not going to be easy. Wherever you are in London, there will probably be a law firm around the corner who can provide you with a divorce service that will see your relationship formally dissolved.

However, getting the best London divorce lawyer for your particular needs will be a very subjective matter.

Divorce questions at the outset

Do you want a practitioner from a huge firm who will be involved in many family law cases alongside your divorce, or do you want to go with a small firm, where you’ll get a more focused approach, but perhaps the solicitors do not specialise in divorce?

Do you want to have meetings your divorce solicitor face to face and be able to pop into their office whenever a document needs signing, or would you prefer to conduct all the necessary procedures over the internet, via email?

What do you want from your divorce and is it realistic to expect your divorce solicitor to be able to achieve this for you?

These are questions you will need to answer for yourself before you instruct a lawyer.

What to do if you are not happy with your divorce lawyer?

Most divorce solicitors really do want to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your divorce.

However, there are many complexities within divorce and certain legal procedures which must be followed. If you are unhappy with the competence of your divorce solicitor, or the service they have given you, you have a right to complain.

In the first instance you should always talk to your lawyer – they will not be able to fix the problem if they don’t know what is upsetting you.

If you feel your issues have not been addressed properly you can take your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, the independent, impartial service which can investigate when consumers feel thay have not been treated responsibly or fairly by legal practitioners.

The Legal Ombudsman has produced a handy guide for divorcing couples which offers useful advice on “Using a divorce lawyer”. It can be accessed here.

Do you need to choose a divorce lawyer in London?

Finding the best divorce lawyer in London for your particular case will be wholly dependent on what you want from your legal team.

Here at Healys we have learnt through our many years working in this field that we can offer you the best service by listening carefully to the details of your circumstances and by offering pragmatic, realistic legal advice to help maintain your best interests in financial settlement and children arrangements.

We can provide an up-to-the-minute online service via the internet and email, while also offering a one-to-one service from our London and Brighton offices where you can speak directly to your divorce lawyer and have meetings at times convenient to you.

Call us today or email brief details of your circumstances to and we will contact you to discuss your case further.