Grantham families given hope of payout

10th March 2015 by

Families in Grantham who have long fought for professional negligence compensation from a housing developer have at last been given some hope that they might receive some form of justice, however belated.

The families, which number more than twenty, say that the “shoddy workmanship” employed by the builder has led their newbuild properties to be beset by a catalogue of problems, ranging from the cosmetic to the seriously structural.

After two seemingly fruitless years of trying, the families have at last been told that they will receive some recognition of their plight , with Nick Boles, MP for Grantham, claiming that he has managed to secure a commitment from the developer to pay professional negligence compensation.

“I welcome the decision to offer compensation to those affected by the incompetence and negligence of their contractors on the Hunters Gate development,” said Mr Boles.

He added, “I support the house-building industry and am delighted to see more houses being built in Grantham. But I will not tolerate cowboy builders cutting corners and ripping off my constituents.”

However, the developer has previously stated categorically that it would not compensate any of the buyers. This has led to some understandable scepticism amongst those affected. For example, one resident said that the developer had “not always followed through with their promises”.

Another said her family’s decision to buy a house on the development was “the biggest mistake of our lives”.
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