Resolution to make family law matters constructive and non-confrontational

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Resolution is an association of family lawyers, and related professionals from England and Wales, who are dedicated to helping improve the family justice system. Its key belief is that family law matters should be approached in a constructive and non-confrontational manner.

All Healys family lawyers in London and Brighton are members of Resolution and adhere to its Code of Practice which puts forward the principles of best practice for respectful and civilised proceedings in family matters.

Resolution for you

The Resolution website has lots of useful information for couples undergoing relationship breakdown or family dispute.

In the Advice Centre section there is practical guidance on issues including:

  • Splitting up – the legal process of divorce, advice for unmarried couples, international family law, and how to find a Resolution accredited family lawyer.
  • Parenting apart – supporting children through family breakdown, managing ongoing relationships, planning life after separation.
  • Money and home – sorting out the finances after separation, seeking independent financial advice, when to involve the family court.
  • Child maintenance – making an agreement between yourselves, using the Child Support Agency, how the family courts can help, where to go for more information on child maintenance options.
  • Domestic abuse – practical help for domestic abuse sufferers, how to get legal protection, finding a specialist family lawyer.
  • Useful resources – factsheets, links, glossary.

There are also specific website sections on advice for parents, finding a Resolution member, alternatives to court, campaigns, and family law news.

Healys and Resolution

Healys’ family lawyers in London and Brighton believe that adhering to the Resolution Code of Practice enables us to use mediation and conciliatory techniques which promote a sensitive, constructive, and cost-effective approach to divorce and relationship breakdown disputes.

We find that, in many cases, this approach is most likely to result in early agreement and promotes positive negotiation. While we will do our utmost to ensure such techniques are used, should the need arise we will always protect your interests, and those of your dependants, by employing robust litigation methods when necessary.

To find out more about the Resolution accredited family lawyers and divorce solicitors at Healys LLP please call or email the team at our London or Brighton offices today.