London court reaches IVF deception ruling

24th March 2015 by

Family lawyers in London have helped a lecturer from Bolton secure damages for the tens of thousands of pounds of child maintenance he paid to his ex-wife under the mistaken belief that he was the father of her child.

The remarkable case has its origins in the once-married couple’s attempts to conceive a child via IVF at a clinic in Barcelona; however, it transpired that, on a return visit, the woman used the sperm of an ex-boyfriend, something the claimant did not suspect until an argument in 2011 during which the woman told him he was not the ‘biological’ father.

The child concerned was born in 2005 and the mother separated from the claimant six months later. They divorced in 2008.

The judge hearing the case at Central London County Court said that all parties, including the family lawyers, should refrain from informing the media of any relevant names in order to protect the identity of the child involved. He also awarded the claimant £40,000, despite the mother claiming that there was ‘no merit’ in the child maintenance damages claim.

Furthermore, claimed the mother, the defendant “knew from the very first day” that he was not the father of the child.

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