Massive rise in successful adoption proceedings

26th March 2015 by

New figures released by the Department for Education reveal that adoptions and adoption proceedings in the UK are at their highest levels since 1992.

The statistics show that during the year ending March 2014, more than 5,000 children were adopted, an increase of 26% on the previous year.

Furthermore, the release reveals some other interesting statistical trends relating to family law and adoption proceedings. For example, local authority applications for placement orders fell by 34%, local authority adoption orders fell by 47%, while court granted placement orders fell by 54%.

What is clear is that the statistics do not make it any easier for family lawyers to gain an understanding of the mood surrounding adoption proceedings.

Adoption is, of course, a serious matter and potential adopting parents require specialist legal advice when seeking to gain full legal and parental responsibility for a child. Once an official adoption order is made it means the severance of all legal ties with the birth family, with full parental rights instead transferred to the adopting parents.

All adoption orders are made under The Adoption and Children Act 2002. For information about this act and how it affects you and your circumstances, click here.