Residential conveyancing solicitor to pay couple for mistake

30th March 2015 by

A couple’s blighted purchase of a house in Cumbria has resulted in them receiving compensation for the professional negligence of their residential conveyancing solicitor.

The couple had bought the property in the confidence that nothing reasonably foreseeable would adversely affect its appeal or its value; however, it transpired that their residential conveyancing solicitor failed to carry out reasonable checks.

The full impact of this failure only became clear to the couple when, post-purchase, they discovered that a wind farm was soon to be constructed within a mile of their home. The solicitor’s failure to reveal or disclose the information was all the more startling given that the impending construction of the wind farm was well-known among the local community.

On discovering that the wind turbines would be visible from the windows of their home the couple decided to pursue a claim for negligence and, with the court ruling in their favour, their residential conveyancing solicitor’s liability insurer will now have to pay them a suitable sum of compensation.

The case goes to show the impact that poor and substandard conveyancing services can have on people’s lives; the couple say it is unlikely they would have bought the property had they known a wind farm would have been built in such close proximity. Clearly, good, reliable advice is invaluable.

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