Facebook divorce

9th April 2015 by

Wow, we’re really behind the times here in the British Isles, what with our still relying on divorce lawyers and other more legally conventional means to announce our intentions to divorce; over in the States they’re now using Facebook.

Yes, a judge at Manhattan Supreme Court has ruled that a Brooklyn woman’s decision to change her relationship status to ‘single’ and to send an accompanying private message to her estranged and hard-to-find husband counts every bit as much as a notification served through more conventional means.

The applicant, said the judge, “is granted permission to serve defendant with the divorce summons using a private message through Facebook”.

However, it is not as if the woman is going it alone and is without a divorce lawyer – her legal advisor described the judge’s ruling as “new law” and “necessary”.

According to reports the elusive husband has still not replied to the Facebook message, perhaps because he is mindful of the fact that he promised his wife a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony in addition to their 2009 wedding.

“She wanted their families there,” said the divorce lawyer.

According to reports, the marriage was never consummated and the couple did not even live together. Now, the wife wants a divorce. There is no divorce financial settlement involved, she just wants the marriage legally dissolved and feels her only way of reaching her estranged husband is through Facebook.

Apparently, he has yet to acknowledge any of the messages.

So, as social media becomes a viable communication method for disputing parties, we can’t help but wonder what’s next; Tinder for divorce, perhaps?

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