Is London really the divorce capital of the world?

16th April 2015 by

London is often touted as being the divorce capital of the world and divorce solicitors in London undoubtedly handle some of the highest-profile financial claims of top celebrities, businessmen and women and sports people.

Yet, in terms of the divorce ratio occurring in the country, in March 2015 the UK was equal 14th with Slovakia and Sweden with a divorce to marriage ratio of 47 divorces to 100 marriages.

Healys has produced an Infographic so that you can see which country tops us with the most divorces and you might be surprised by the result (hint – it’s not USA).

Is London the divorce capital of the world?

However, the UK can lay claim to one of the top-ten highest value divorces of all time – but it’s not Paul McCartney and Heather Mills or Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

And if you’ve ever wondered what a high value divorce looks like in terms of Great British Pounds – the top divorce occurred between Russian businessman, investor and philanthropist Dmitry Rybolovlev and his former wife Elena. It was worth an estimated £3,000,000,000 (three billion pounds).