Leaders point the way for conveyancing future

22nd April 2015 by

The Conveyancing Association gathered leaders from the residential conveyancing sector last month in the hope of setting out a route map to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the property-buying process.

The contents of the residential conveyancing discussion were largely decided beforehand as a result of the Conveyancing Association’s decision to consult solicitors and estate agents. As such, the three main topics of conversation were “client expectations”, “conveyancer expectations” and “leasehold sales”.

It is reported that there was an encouraging level of consensus from those present, with all agreeing that communication, education, cooperation and information are key to a successful transaction; however, it was also agreed that particular attention needs to be paid to the sometimes fraught leasehold sales process.

In an initial step towards addressing some of the issues discussed, the association has published its Leasehold Transaction Guide , which aims to provide conveyancers with an overview of the existing laws pertaining to leasehold transactions. The association has also urged conveyancers to answer its Lender Engagement Survey as the Association looks to continue to work within the industry to iron out the ongoing issues it currently faces.

“Bringing representatives from across the industry – including conveyancers, estate agents and lenders – together in one room to talk through the issue each faces helped highlight the areas we absolutely need to be addressing,” commented Eddie Goldsmith, the chairman of the Conveyancing Association

“What the discussion made crystal clear was that if we are to succeed in our mission, what we absolutely need to do is to keep working together.”

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