Conveyancing Association calls for open engagement

13th July 2015 by

The Conveyancing Association (CA) has begun a course of action that is designed to foster positive relations with the lender community in order to try and provide a smoother conveyancing process for both buyers and sellers.

The CA move comes in the wake of 2013’s Conveyancing Association Protocol, an initiative designed to provide impetus and guidance to try to ensure that conveyancers, regardless of whether they were representing buyers or sellers, were “singing from the same hymn sheet”. This document was followed by 2014’s Conveyancing Association Best Practice Guide for Conveyancers and Estate Agents.

The CA has said that these moves should provide the foundation stone of future conveyancer practice, with good communication the key ingredient to a successful transaction.

So far, 2015’s focus on interactions with the lender community have underlined the need for engagement and “open discussion” between lenders and residential conveyancing solicitors.

“Facilitating communication between the two parties would have a significant and very positive effect on not only our own but our client’s experience of buying or selling a home,” said the CA in a press release.

It added that “for things to work out well, dialogue is absolutely crucial”.
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