More dosh to divorce

28th July 2015 by

Originally, The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) had said the divorce fee in England and Wales would rise from £410 to £750, an increase of more than 80%; a move which created consternation among many divorce solicitors and family organisations.

However, following a consultation, the MoJ has now announced that the fee will rise to £550.

This change, inter alia, is detailed in a letter from courts minister Shailesh Vara to the Justice Select Committee Chairman, Robert Neill.

Perhaps pre-empting the response from divorce solicitors, and other interested parties, the response document stated that “the most vulnerable” would be protected as fee remission would be available for those in need, such as “women in low wage households”.

Mr Vara said in his letter, “At every stage we have sought to protect the most vulnerable by ensuring they will not have to pay new and higher fees by making the remissions scheme more generous.”

The letter went on to state that the MoJ has sought to ensure the wealthiest, ie those making high value claims in civil courts, will contribute more to the justice system.
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