Considering your priorities

18th August 2015 by

If you are considering a professional negligence claim, there are a number of things outside of financial considerations you might want to think about before proceeding.

This is because winning your professional negligence claim and ensuring maximum financial compensation may not necessarily be the overriding imperative.

For example, in many cases preserving and nurturing relationships may be of at least equal importance to securing settlement. Fortunately, however, it does not have to be an either/or situation; sometimes it may be possible to preserve the fundamentals of a successful relationship while also ensuring financial settlement from the professional’s indemnity insurer.

Managing such a scenario successfully, however, is easier said than done; it requires a large degree of skill and diplomacy on the part of your professional negligence lawyer. If you have this kind of representation it may be possible to obtain an early admission of liability as well as an offer of financial settlement without having to go through the wring of litigation and the prospect of endless and sometimes contentious negotiation. Achieving this can often allow the parties involved in the dispute to reach a resolution that allows them to continue their working relationship.

This is sometimes as true of the liability insurer as it is of the defendant. It may, for example, not be in the interests of the insurer to admit liability as this may create a damaging precedent. This though can be in the claimant’s interests, who may be able to achieve an even more advantageous settlement on the understanding that this is reached without the acceptance of any liability and, importantly, the setting of any precedent.

Whatever the case, it is important that your professional negligence lawyer understands all the issues and acts in a way that is in accordance with both your financial interests and those of your relationships.

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