Case Study Four: Andrew Cleary – Compensation for a man after he was injured while shopping

21st January 2016 by

Healys Solicitors specialised personal injury team has helped a 50 year old man claim compensation after a fall while shopping for a Christmas tree.

In December 2010 Mr A was visiting a superstore in Brighton intending to buy a Christmas tree.  As Mr A was walking across the car park and slipped on a sheet of ice landing awkwardly on his wrist.

Mr A attended is local A&E department where he was diagnosed with a fracture to his wrist.  He later underwent surgery to place a metal plate in his wrist.

Mr A was a very active person and enjoyed cycling, aikido and playing tennis.  After the surgery Mr A was unable to write for 4-5 weeks and as a result, Mr A had to have 3 weeks off work. Upon his return,  Mr A had to work at reduced capacity for 3 months.

Mr A eventually returned to cycling but has not played tennis or continued with aikido since the accident.

The outcome of the case

Mr A decided to contact Healys Solicitors specialised personal injury team and one of our experienced litigators, Andrew Cleary, was able to deal with his claim.  Andrew was able to gain expert medical evidence to show the extent of the injury to Mr A’s wrist.  With this Andrew was able to secure Mr A £8,000 compensation.

Andrew Cleary commented: “Although Mr A’s Christmas was ruined due to his injury it’s important that we were able to get him compensation to cover the cost of being out of work.”

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