Join us in Support of International Women’s Day 2020

3rd February 2020 by

Healys LLP Women in Business joins forces with local and national businesses to celebrate International Women’s Week 2020 with an extra special event.

Every year on 8th March, both individuals and organisations across the world celebrate International Women’s Day. This was conceived in 1909 by a variety of equal rights movements including the Suffragettes. Originally celebrated across North America and Europe, the movement has since grown to reach its current global impact. According to the official International Women’s Day website, the purpose of this day is to celebrate “the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.” The International Women’s day movement encompasses a variety of issues faced by women, and therefore a different campaign theme is selected each year. The theme of International Women’s Day 2020 is #EachforEqual. This message refers to the ongoing movement for gender equality, which began over a decade ago.

At over two thirds, female employment rates are at their highest since the Office of National Statistics began keeping records in 1971. Furthermore, there are growing numbers of women in managerial roles, having increased 2.7% from 2013 to 2018. These statistics display the impressive progress that has been made since International Women’s Day was first conceived.

However, equality in the workplace is still an ongoing issue. The gender pay gap for full-time employment remains at 8.9%, according to the Office of National Statistics. Additionally, the Financial Times found that last year 35% of female entrepreneurs experienced gender bias. Workplace structures continue to create obstacles for many women (and increasingly men) in terms of maternity leave and child care. It is through individual actions, conversations and raised awareness that society can progress to becoming more gender equal while tackling these social and professional barriers.

Healys LLP recognises the many issues faced by the women of today and so joins the International Women’s Day movement to challenge inequality and promote positive change for women.

Out of the six million businesses in the UK, only 20% are female led. There are a variety of challenges that female entrepreneurs face, from gaining investment to lack of confidence. Only 13% of senior investors are female, and there is limited opportunity for female networking and mentoring. Healys believes that more should be done to support women in business. That’s why this year, Healys LLP Women in Business is celebrating International Women’s Day with their unique event, MAKING HERSTORY.

The MAKING HERSTORY event provides a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to share experiences and knowledge, and leave feeling more confident and empowered. Hosted at the Brighton Palace Pier on Thursday 5th March, it is an afternoon filled with networking, a panel discussion, a workshop and live comedy. Tickets, which can be purchased here, include an arrival drink, fish & chips, ride tokens for the evening and more!

Additionally, local comedians Lynne Parker, Katherine Atkinson and Zoe Lyons will be in attendance as part of Funny Women, under the banner of HERlarious. Funny Women curates workshops and events, with the purpose of changing the narrative for women in the workplace and giving them the tools and confidence to have a voice.

To highlight the significance of International Women’s Day, the power of women, and 101 years since the Suffragettes Movement, Brighton Palace Pier will be lit up with purple lighting during International Women’s Week, which will be seen from a mile out to further capture the region’s attention.

Head of Marketing at Healys LLP, Stephanie Prior, says,

“Healys LLP is extremely excited to be hosting this event and leading on this initiative. It is important that individuals and businesses do what they can to support equality for all (inside and outside of the workplace), promote the positive changes that have been achieved and collectively combat ongoing challenges that many continue to face as a result of gender inequality.

“As a law firm we are grateful for the hard work that all of our members of staff contribute to running a successful firm. We additionally appreciate the challenges and sacrifices many of our staff and our clients make alongside their daily jobs. This event is to celebrate the power of women in business and to say thank you to all of the women we are proud to work with.”

To purchase tickets and find out more, visit our event page:

This event is in partnership with Healys LLP, Investec, MHA Carpenter Box, Brighton Gin, Cloud9 Insight, Clearline Recruitment, Gemini Print, Dynamic Magazine MY BRIGHTON (My Hotel Group) & Funny Women.