Don’t Hesitate to Seek Legal Advice for Work Related Accidents

10th February 2020 by

If you have suffered an accident at work and you believe that your employer was to blame, you should seek legal advice right away. In one case, a florist’s assistant fell while carrying a heavy glass vase. However, as a result of soliciting legal advice, he secured the right to substantial compensation.

The man was lifting the large vase, which contained six litres of water, up a narrow flight of stairs at a client’s premises when he slipped and fell forward onto his hands. Shards from the shattered vase cut into the flesh and tendons of one of his wrists, putting him in fear that he might bleed to death. He required surgical treatment in hospital and was left traumatised and permanently scarred.

After he launched personal injury proceedings, a judge found that his employer had instructed him to perform an inherently dangerous task. The risk was obvious and it was an accident that had been ‘waiting to happen’. His injuries were a direct consequence of his employer’s failure to provide him with a safe system of work.

Although the amount of the man’s compensation has yet to be finally assessed, his claim is valued at up to £100,000.

If you have been injured at work because of your employer’s failure to ensure that jobs are carried out in accordance with health and safety law, you could be entitled to compensation. We can offer advice regarding personal injuries at work. For more information, please contact Healys LLP on 0800 2800432 or email us at