Local Council Pays Out for Trips, Slips and Falls

12th May 2020 by

Local councils are responsible for maintaining many miles of highways, pavements and other public roads, and when hazards arise, they can be liable to pay compensation for any injuries that result.

Figures obtained following a freedom of information request reveal that Coventry City Council has paid out more than £124,000 in personal injury compensation over a period of nearly four years, with most claims relating to accidents on public highways.

The largest compensation payment was £17,000 for an injury that occurred when a vehicle hit a pothole. There were several significant payments relating to trips on defective pavements, and a cyclist who fell off his bicycle due to a defective payment received £5,000.

Other successful claims included nearly £5,000 for an injury sustained by a school pupil, £1,300 following a pedestrian’s slip on ice and £1,000 for a person hit by a falling object.

Local councils have a duty to ensure that all public rights of way for which they are responsible are safe to use. If you have been injured because the council has neglected to maintain a road or pavement properly, or has failed to ensure that any public place for which they are responsible is safe, you may be entitled to compensation.

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