Case Study: Cyclist Crushed by HGV Claims Compensation

8th June 2020 by

Mr S was a keen cyclist; he would ride to work most days and was a member of a cycling group. Sadly this changed for him when an HGV failed to see him and turned left, crushing him and his bike.

Mr S sustained serious injuries to his right leg which was crushed. He was unable to work for many months and whilst he was able to make adjustments, ‎he was unable to ride a bike again.

The outcome of the case

Thankfully Mr S was fortunate enough to instruct a solicitor who was not only a specialist but also understood how the injuries had changed his life. Healys were able to advise upon the rehabilitation, both physical and psychological, and appreciated not just the seriousness of the injury but also the lasting consequences of the event.

Mr S received additional compensation for the future cost of travel now that he was unable to ride his bike. He received guidance and advice‎ upon the cost of the changes he had been forced to take.

The settlement provided Mr S with a stable future. Mr S commented that Healys went further than he would expect from a solicitor, offering solutions, sharing information and being supportive of ‎his needs. He received a significant settlement.

Paul Keown, Partner at Healys says:

“‎Accidents where a cyclist is hit by an HGV sadly leave devastation and catastrophic damage in their wake. We are glad that we have the experience and specialist knowledge to ensure the right outcome is reached in these complex cases.”

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