Six figure reward for mesothelioma sufferer’s family

21st September 2020 by

Healys Solicitors specialised personal injury team has helped the family of carpenter claim compensation after he was diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma as a result of being exposed to Asbestos.

Our client was working for a company during the period 1962 to 1972.  Over the course of his employment he was exposed to asbestos and was never instructed to wear safety equipment.

Our client in later life was diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma which caused him to suffer from increased pain and decreased debility, loss and damage from which he died prematurely.

Our client’s widow decided to contact Healys Solicitors’ specialised personal injury team and our legal experts were able to deal with her claim.

Initially the company in which our client had worked denied it was solely to blame.  This was because our client had stated that he was self employed during 1973 to the late 1990’s during which he was further exposed to asbestos.

Our solicitors were able to gain expert medical evidence on our client’s widow behalf which also found that our client was suffering from Lung Cancer as well as Malignant Mesotheilioma.  With this evidence we could negotiate an 80/20% split in blame on our client’s behalf.

The outcome of the case

The case was finally settled under the Fast Track Mesothelioma claims procedure and our dedicated lawyers were able to secure our client’s widow £150,000 in compensation.

Managing Partner and Head of Personal Injury, Dino Skinner commented “No amount of compensation can ever bring back a deceased loved one.  This disease is fast acting in most cases and sometimes steps are not in place to make sure every family member affected is looked after.”

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